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Sunbed ultrasun power tower

6 mins        £5.00
9 mins        £7.50
12 mins      £10.00
Money saving courses avalible

For Your Wedding


Cleanse & Make-Up for that Special Occasion. 45 minutes £28.00

Bridal Package

Bridal Make-Up including rehearsal and callout on the day.   £58.00

Complete Package

Including Facidal, Eyebrow Wax, Make-Up rehearsal, Manicure the day before and make-up on the day.   £125.00

Mother of the Bride

Includes Manicure the day before, Make-Up rehearsal, Eyebrow Wax, Make-Up on the day.   £85.00

Manicure & Pedicure

Using Jessica Products, choose your varnish and take it with you.*


Manicure*   £25.00
Pedicure*   £26.50
Shape and Varnish
New Phenom varnish dries in ten mins (Avalible on any manicure or pedicure.)

Foot health care  nail cut and treatments. Starting prices from



French Polish Manicure   £26.00


Luxury Manicure*

Geleration manicure
Geleration protects your nails while offering weak,
bitten, problem nailthe opportunity to grow.



Eyebrow   £9.00
Lip   £7.50
Chin   £8.00
Lip & Chin   £12.50
Bikini   £12.00
Under Arm   £12.00
Half Leg   £18.00
Full Leg   £25.00
Half Leg & Bikini   £25.00
Full Leg & Bikini   £31.00
Back   £24.00

Eye Treatments

Eyebrow Shape   £9.00
Eyelash Tint   £12.00
Eyebrow Tint   £9.00
Eyebrow & Eyelash Tint   £19.00

Body Treatments

Back Massage 30 minutes  £22.00
Full Body Massage 1 hour  £36.00

Hot Stone Massage

Using a blend of essential selected balsalt stone massage using unique stones containing a high level of iron and magnesium, are heated and used in a massage to bestow a psychological and physical relaxation.

Full Body 2 hours £56.00
Back Massage 45 minutes £32.00

Paraffin Wax Treatment

Paraffin treament imporves the condition of the skin, nails and cuticles. STIMULATING circulation and warming muscles and joints, ideal for arthritic conditions.

Paraffin Manicure 1 hour 30 minutes  £27.00
Paraffin Pedicure 1 hour 30 minutes £30.00


A specialsied massage to relax points of the foot which correspond to the different areas of the body, promoting the bodies self-healing, aiding a sense of harmony and well-being.

Initial consultation and treatment 1 hour 30 minutes £38.00
Subsequent treatments 1 hour 15 minutes £34.00

Indian Head Massage

An ancient Indian practice, a vigorous but relaxing massage to the shoulders, neck, arms, head and face to relieve tension and improve concentration.

Initial consultation and treatment 1 hour 30 minutes £35.00
Subsequent treatments 1 hour £32.00

Lymphatic Draining

A light masage designed to stimulate the lymphatic system, to help detoxify the body and reduce water retention.

Initial consultation and treatment 1 hour 30 minutes £42.00
Subsequent treatments   £38.00


A relaxing massage with essential oils blended to a personal prescription for our client, helping to maintain balance and good health. Treating mind, body and soul.

Initial consultation and treatment 1 hour 30 minutes £42.00
Subsequent treatments 1 hour 15 minutes £38.00


A heat treatment that will help relax, detox and assist weight loss, leaving skin soft and smooth, muscles relaxed and you feeling tranquil.

One Session 20 minutes £8.00
Course of Ten Sessions   £70.00



Holiday Package

Half Leg Wax, Underarm Wax, Bikini Wax, Eyelash Tint, Eyebrow Wax, Manicure or Pedicure   £74.50 (Saving of £15.00

Body Treatment

Sea Source Detox Spa

Detoxification begns by stimulating the skin's surface to help encourage its natural purification. Hydrating and nourishing thevskin, stimulating the ability to cleanse internal and external toxins from the body to achive an optimised state of total renewal. Using marine plant extracts, vitamins and sea minerals.

Defoxifying Full Body Massage

  1hr 30 minutes                                             £40.00

Full Body Wrap

A sea salt scrub to exfoliate and cleanse toxins from the skin's surface. A sea mud mask applied to body and face(optional), wrapping you up and a scalp massage with a fortifying hair mask, finishing off with a massage to help Internal and external toxin elimination.

   2 hours                                                        £54.00

Atlantian Body Scrub

Awaken all your senses using sea salt and Aromatherapy oils in an Almond, Coconut or Olive oil blend. A treatment to exfoliate and moisturise all in one invigorating scrub. Taylor made for you.

  1 hour                                                              £35.00

Spray Tan

Kissed by Mii to give yourself an Instant tanning boost with revitalised, reinvigorated skin. This paraben free range is the perfect way to enhance your daily look, helping you feel healthy and truly irresistible all year round. Nourishing benefits of coral seaweed and coastal flowers to replenish your skins natural minerals.

20 minutes                                                         £28.00



Visible results in 24 hours - Advanced synergises not one but nine major age defying elements and botanicals in a powerful system of products. Clinically proven to start working within 24 hours for the more mature skin.

  1 hours 15 minutes                                           £42.00


As with the RE9 Advanced facial but the oroduct range also includes ingredients to help reduce redness and soothe razor burn and shaving problems. Smoothing fine lines and improving overall skin texture.

  1 hours 15 minutes                                         £40.00


A advanced anti ageing  range is specially formulated with exclusive peptides and highly active plant derived extracts  for aged and prematurely aged skin helping maintain a softer, smoother  youthful complexion. 

  1hr 15 mins                                                               £47.00

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